Hive has reached a 1 GW green energy pipeline in Italy

Hive has reached a 1 GW green energy pipeline in Italy

Hive has been active in Italy since 2021 when Stefano Salerno joined us as Country Manager. Stefano has been growing our Italian green energy pipeline from strength to strength which has enabled us to reach a 1 GW pipeline in the country.

In comparison to other European countries, Italy is leading the way in renewable energy adoption. The country has been ranked third across Europe and has set ambitious targets to grow green energy. The renewable goals for the country are to produce 55% of all power from clean sources by 2030. Until recent years, oil has been the primary source for power in Italy, however, there has been a consistent decline in oil and a growth across natural gas, wind, solar, and biofuels.

Italian green energy pipeline

Our projects are spread across Italy, and the developments range in size from 4 MW to a substantial 75 MW capacity. Currently the 37 projects are at a variety of stages, including securing land and grid. We are aiming to have land secured on all sites by Q4 2022, which will allow us to finalise securing the grid and reaching ready to build status across the board throughout 2023. We have signed a joint venture with an important developer in Italy, aiming to provide electricity through a 30-year PPA to a leader in the green hydrogen field. The sites consist of private wire covering several regions in Italy ranging from 14 MW up to 100 MW. The goal is to provide clean electricity to the electrolyser and therefore build the first examples of Hydrogen Valley in Italy. Most of the site will start construction in 2023 subject to the new rules for the Green Hydrogen Valleys.

Floating solar farm

Cava Manzona, a Project Located in Ravenna, is approaching ready to build status and we are particularly interested in utilising new technology for this project, floating solar farms. Floating solar farms consist of panels laid on top of water, which is a fantastic option for a country such as Italy, which is largely surrounded by water. The benefits are very clear, including better retention of the water due to the lower evaporation, an improvement on the water quality and the consequent reduction of algae, as well as a better yield of the modules due to the lower temperature.

If you’d like to find out more about our Italian green energy pipeline, you can contact Stefano using the button below.