How we’re using by-products to reduce waste and emissions in construction

How we're using by-products to reduce waste and emissions in construction

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The Hive Aggregates journey began in 2020 to create innovative solutions to reduce waste and emissions in construction. The team aim to use industrial by-products and waste to create sustainable building products, to decarbonise the building products industry and reduce reliance on natural resources. 

Our current focus is on turning fly ash waste into a sustainable cement substitute. The ash originates from the burning of coal in power stations. It is a little-known fact that the cement industry is one of the most polluting on the planet, responsible for around 3 billion tonnes of carbon every year. To put this into perspective, if the industry were a country, it would be the biggest carbon emitter behind only China and the US.

The use of fly ash as a cement substitute not only provides the opportunity to save billions of tonnes of carbon, because each tonne used can save close to a tonne of carbon, but it will also recycle a waste product and reduce the use of natural resources such as sand and clay.

Our projects

There are significant shortages of fly ash in many places due to the closure of coal-fired power stations, including in the UK where demand is very significant but traditional supplies have all but ended. Our solution is to extract fly ash from landfill sites, where it was historically placed due to surpluses as a result of massive coal power consumption.

We have secured several landfill fly ash deposits in the UK, totalling many millions of tonnes, which could supply the country for decades to come.  We will extract the material and dry it using a low-carbon drying technology – resulting in a product that is capable of saving millions of tonnes of carbon when replacing traditional cement in concrete mixes.

Our most progressed project is a high-quality deposit of circa 7 million tonnes in Nottinghamshire, England.

The future of reducing waste and emissions in construction

Our first project should be operational in 2023, with others following soon thereafter. We aim to be a key player in the UK and provide a source of reliant and consistent supply for many decades to come. We are also working on projects internationally, with news of these to follow soon.