Hyundai Motor Group unveils its hydrogen strategy

We know that hydrogen energy is an exciting prospect and critical for the future of our planet. Businesses are now beginning to join the hydrogen revolution!

Hyundai Motor Group are now backing hydrogen as a top sustainable energy solution. Hyundai plan to launch a new hydrogen fuel cell system within the next few years and aims to provide hydrogen cell versions of all commercial vehicle models by 2028!

While electric cars are becoming more popular, hydrogen is still a touch behind. Europe, China, and the USA are all seeing growth in the hydrogen market, and all have strict goals to reach with regards to cutting emissions. Hyundai isn’t the first car dealership to consider using hydrogen power. Toyota, BMW and Daimler are already in the development process to create hydrogen-powered vehicles.

It is important to note that while hydrogen power is a more sustainable option than fossil fuels, the energy used to create the H2 is often not renewable, unlike green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is a fully green energy source, often using solar power or wind in the extraction process instead of more traditional unsustainable energy.

At Hive we have green hydrogen projects in the pipeline, which will provide power for a range of vehicles. We hope to see green hydrogen powered cars in the near future too.