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MyDD Points is the UK’s fastest-growing digital loyalty programme.

The app rewards you for shopping with your favourite local independent stores and restaurants. Via a smartphone app, My DD Points enables local businesses to communicate directly with their customers. Businesses can promote their deals and discounts more efficiently while allowing customers to collect points and earn rewards. MyDD Points was founded in 2018. It is now the fastest-growing digital loyalty programme for independent businesses in the UK. 

The business mission is to help communities thrive and strengthen the bond between independent stores and customers. Food waste and food miles are significant contributors to climate change. MyDD Points champions the circular economy by supporting local businesses and encouraging consumers to source and buy locally. By buying locally, you can help cut carbon emissions and air pollution – two primary causes for climate change and global warming. Shopping at independent stores is also beneficial to waste and packaging reduction.

Utilizzando l'applicazione, i clienti possono memorizzare tutte le loro carte fedeltà in un unico posto e pagare meno con le esclusive offerte giornaliere. I clienti ricevono aggiornamenti immediati su nuovi prodotti e prezzi e sostengono i negozi locali. La missione dell'azienda è aiutare le comunità a prosperare e rafforzare il legame tra negozi indipendenti e clienti.

Nel novembre 2020, Hive è diventato il principale investitore di MyDD Points.

The investment contributes to our mission to create change across the circular economy, including sustainable consumerism.

MyDD Points has partnered with hundreds of independent businesses to give them access to the same advantages of other corporate loyalty programmes but at a fraction of the cost. This will encourage people to shop locally, saving emissions on product transportation and also cutting back on CO2 getting to and from stores. 

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