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Hive Energy Latin America - Cuba solar project - Mariel Solar
L'America Latina detiene alcuni dei principali mercati di energia rinnovabile al mondo.

We have recently expanded to Chile, in line with the country’s strong renewable energy agenda. The country is making good progress in the green hydrogen market and Hive introduced a Country Manager, Italo Silva, to the region to actively support the adoption of the innovative green technology. Currently, there are $10Bn of projects under construction across the Country, including generation plants, and green hydrogen developments. In 2021 the Chilean market grew in capacity by 4 GW, with a total renewable energy capability of 11.4 GW today. Chile has plans to replace all thermopower plants with renewable alternatives, this subject is due to be discussed in congress where positive support from the political spectrum is anticipated. If the plans are approved, there will be close to 13 GW of thermo plants that will require supplementation with green energy.

Hive Energy Latin America - Cuba solar project - Mariel Solar
Our journey into the Latin America green energy market began in 2015 when we undertook a project in Mexico.

This was followed shortly by the recruitment of Horacio, as Argentinian Country Manager. As well as Argentina, we are functioning in Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Uruguay, and Mexico.

So far, we have one complete project in Cuba, Mariel Solar, with an additional 10+ renewable energy projects in our pipeline. The technologies we are focusing on across LATAM are a variety of solar, wind, and green hydrogen.

I early 2023 we signed a deal with Transitional Energy Group in Chile to develop a 3GW+ green ammonia project. We also have a flagship green ammonia project in early stages in Argentina. 

Horacio López Manzitti

Horacio Manzitti

Country Manager Argentina

Italo Silva

Italo Silva

Country Manager Chile

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