Hive Hydrogen £5bn Giga-Scale Project leads The Just Energy Transition in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa

Hive Hydrogen £5bn Giga-Scale Project leads The Just Energy Transition in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa

Eastern Cape Premier, Honourable Oscar Mabuyane reaffirms the commitment of the Government to the Hive Hydrogen project in Nelson Mandela Bay to Colin Loubser, General Manager, Hive Hydrogen

Hive Hydrogen, part of the Hive Energy (United Kingdom) Group, announced the alignment of its Coega Green Ammonia project with the Just Energy Transition at the Eastern Cape Investment Conference in Buffalo City, South Africa last week. This is the first of this kind of project in Africa that meets the critical criteria needed for this transition to take place.

The 900,000 ton per year clean Green Ammonia project with over 3,000MW of renewable energy being developed is being widely hailed as the initiative that the region suffering from over 50% unemployment and the lowest GDP per capita in the country desperately needs.

Thulani Gcabashe, Executive Chairman of Hive Hydrogen said, “This bright beam of hope that our project brings is fast becoming a reality with large industry players and funds from across the globe wanting to invest in a better future for all.” 

The devastating effects of Climate Change are profound in the Eastern Cape which is a water scarce region suffering from more and more extreme and prolonged droughts.

Creating over 20,000 jobs ranging from large teams of construction workers through to specialist engineers and indirect employment, the impact on the livelihood of the poverty-stricken communities will be transformative also empowering and equipping them for new opportunities of the future including reducing the dramatic effects that Climate Change has bought into their lives.

The Green Ammonia plant itself will have zero carbon emissions and contribute significantly in the race to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. The renewable energy component will also add solar and wind power to the grid which will further help reduce the countries reliance on coal and fossil fuels, enabling industries in the bay to use green energy for manufacturing, packaging, and processing.

The Hive Green Ammonia Project will also help alleviate hardship from the water shortages through the green energy powered desalination plant which will be able to provide the city with as much as 50% of its baseload water requirements.

Thulani Gcabashe commented further “Stakeholders in this pioneering project will include women, mineworkers, marginalised and vulnerable people and communities too. This Black Economic Empowerment initiative has very strong support from within in the country as it is supported by organisations with an excellent track record.”

With three further phases possible, totalling a further £15bn, the Hive Hydrogen projects will add even more jobs and positive development, including much needed new transmission lines that will open industrial sectors massively with over 10,000MW planned to connect to the countries power backbone. This is already attracting new manufacturing industries to the Industrial Development Zone and surrounding areas including Electric Vehicle manufacturers, renewable energy equipment manufacturers and products for the green hydrogen economy.

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