Adıyaman Solar Park

Adiyaman Solar Park 

Our Adıyaman PV solar project, in Turkey, was our first investment in the country. 

The Adiyaman Solar Park project is operational and generates clean, renewable electricity. Adiyaman is supplying power to the equivalent of 1,300 homes each year. Polycrystalline PV modules have been utilised, this results in a saving of 10,800 tonnes CO2 each year.
Adiyaman Solar Park provides benefits to the rural economy and local community. We worked hard to use local workmanship, materials, and services throughout its development. In the short-term construction phase Hive created 40 new jobs. Plus, throughout the 25-year life of the park, a further 10 people will be employed for maintenance.
For Hive, this project highlights how Foreign Direct Investment can have a positive impact on Turkey’s economic growth. The project has a total investment cost of $11m which was financed by UK based investors.

The project details 

The installation of Adiyaman Solar Park will generate approximately 18 million kWh of green electricity per year.

That’s the equivalent annual energy consumption of 1,300 apartments – reducing CO2 emissions by 10,800 tonnes a year. Throughout the process, Hive has been supported by the British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey (BCCT). BCCT has guided and supported our business development, both in Turkey and in Iran.
Conditions in Turkey, geographically and politically, mark it as one of Europe’s optimum countries for solar power generation. The average annual insolation duration reaches 7.2 hours per day. Covering just 0.5% of the land area of Turkey with solar panels would generate the equivalent of all the electricity consumed.

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Etude de cas Adiyamen 2 - Hive Energy
Etude de cas Adiyamen 2 - Hive Energy

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