TEG - Gente Grande Project

The Transitional Energy Group (TEG) has been developing renewable energy projects for 20 years in its mission to support a carbon neutral future.

TEG is a group of companies with offices in both the UK and Chile. The aim of the group is to facilitate early market entry into world-class projects linking offtakers, investors, constructors and operators.

TEG has a management team with deep experience working on international renewable energy projects. It has knowledge and experience across the clean energy sector, including wind and solar technologies. The team manages technical and environmental permitting aspects, as well as design, construction, and operation of plants – including hydrogen. Within the TEG team is broader development expertise familiar with port and harbour construction and marine operations, and shipbuilding.

In early 2023, Hive and TEG signed a joint venture agreement to develop TEG Gente Grande.

The Gente Grande project will be a major Power to X project in southern Chile that will generate up to 3.5 GW of onshore wind power and produce around 1.4 million tonnes per year of green ammonia. The Project is currently in the Permitting Phase and will submit an EIA application to the Chilean Ministry of Environment in mid-2024.

The Project controls 38,000 Ha of land blessed with high potential wind resources together with a plot for marine access, and the industrial development zone that will house all the production facilities.  It is currently in the final stages of its Permitting Phase which will submit an EIA application to the Chilean Ministry of Environment in mid-2024 anticipating permit issuance during 2025.

TEG’s knowledge of the Chilean market and local connections with Government, communities, and public and private sectors will support the progression of this substantial green energy hub. 

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