Gente Grande Green Ammonia Project

In early 2023, Hive Energy and Transitional Energy Group entered a joint venture to develop a 3.5GW+ green ammonia project, Gente Grande, in Tierra Del Fuego, Chile. 

Transitional Energy Group (TEG) offers extensive knowledge of the renewable energy landscape from project financing through to construction and operation. TEG is a perfect project partner for Hive as it shares our mission for a cleaner and greener future through the decarbonisation of power. 

Led from the UK but established in Chile, TEG and Hive have grown a joint venture with an entirely Chilean project team able to manage every aspect of the Gente Grande green ammonia development. With experts across all disciplines and deep local experience the development is run from offices in Tierra Del Fuego and Punta Arenas meaning the team is directly engaged with the community, and visibly committed to making a positive contribution to the economy, the environment and the local community. 

The Gente Grande green ammonia project is under development in Tierra Del Fuego, Chile. The site will produce ~1.3mtpa of green ammonia once in operation. 

Situé en Terre de Feu, le long du détroit de Magellan, le projet Gente Grande associe un climat éolien exceptionnel à une vaste zone de terrains plats inhabités, à des installations portuaires en eau profonde et à des zones de quai pour les installations de production et de stockage.

Project progress & status 

The project is currently in its permitting phase, which includes securing environmental and marine permits for the 40,000 hectare site and the export facilities from Chilean authorities. Gente Grande green ammonia project will install around 460 state-of-the-art wind turbines, a desalination plant, and two ports at the site – one for construction the other for green ammonia export.

The project will be powered by around 3.5GW of wind power and will produce green ammonia for distribution across LATAM, Europe, and Asia. The first phase of the project is expected to be operational during 2026.

Roland Fisher

Chairman - TEG

Mauricio Silva

Contract Manager

Constanza Urbina

Risk Preventionist

Tim Adams

Managing Director - TEG

Karin Segovia

Environmental & Permit Supervisor

Claudio Lagos

Project Architect

Jose Margozzini

General Manager

Claudia Escobar

Environment & Permits Manager

Francisco Ros

Field Supervisor

Allan Baus

Chef de projet

Francisco Morales

Environment & Permits Analyst

Isabel Delgado

Community Liaison

Victor Fernandez

Public Affairs Manager

Rodolfo Rivero

Environment & Permits Manager

Araceli Barrientos

Community Liaison

Diego Fernandez

Communications Manager

Sebastian Gutierrez

Management Control Engineer

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Gente Grande Green Ammonia

Tierra del Fuego, Chile