DBG Group

DBG Group is a highly innovative green energy company based in the Netherlands. Based on circular economy principles, they do biotechnological research and development in the field of agricultural products and processes and manufacture them into commercial end products.

In March 2021, Hive Energy acquired 50% of the DBG Group B.V. The partnership, called Hive BioEnergy, will focus on transforming industrial waste into Biogas and fertilisers. This marks another key milestone in Hive Energy’s mission to create transformational change for a cleaner future through partnering with world-class Circular Economy companies.

Hive BioEnergy’s first ‘Waste-to-Energy’ project plans to process 270,000 tonnes of industrial waste per annum to produce 150,000 tonnes of fertiliser and significant volumes of Biogas. The plant at Moerdijk, in the Netherlands, will not only provide valuable “green” biogas and fertilisers, but also offer paper mills an environmentally beneficial and cost-competitive method to dispose of their waste streams.

Speaking of the partnership, Giles Redpath, Hive Energy’s CEO, said:

“Hive Energy is determined to drive transformational change to prevent climate change.  I am delighted to be partnering with the DBG Group as they have an exciting, achievable and ambitious plan, which will prevent an industrial waste stream being incinerated, and instead process it to produce organic fertilisers and green Biogas- two important commodities that the world needs as it moves to Carbon Net Zero.”

To find out more about the DBG Group, visit its website here.