Coega Biomass Centre

Coega Biomass Centre is Africa’s largest wood pellet export plant. It will offset the equivalent of 200,000 tonnes of CO₂-equivalents each year.

The company funded by Hive Energy will restore the existing non-operational plant and deliver 100 jobs directly with another 700 jobs indirectly. The project is in one of South Africa’s Special Economic Zones (SEZs), which are designed to attract foreign investment to boost local economic growth.

In total, the company will invest 50 million ZAR (3 million euros) in the first phase; the refurbishment and recommissioning of the factory.

The plant will produce high-quality wood pellets resulting in environmental benefits and will replace dirty coal, charcoal, and anthracite. The plant, requiring 160 thousand tons of feedstock each year, will be fed by sustainable pellets produced using biomass residues, non-indigenous forest, and destructive invasive vegetation, restoring indigenous vegetation and improving water supplies.
Biomass pellets are internationally traded commodities mainly for electricity, as well as industrial and domestic heating purposes. Pellets produced at Coega Biomass Centre could be used for the following applications:

  1. Local communities: white pellets to provide clean and affordable fuel
  2. South African industry: white and black pellets to make industrial boilers more sustainable
  3. Companies producing or supplying biofuels
  4. Export of pellets for sustainable power production

The factory is expected to be operational in July 2021, with full capacity being reached before the end of 2021.

The Coega Biomass Centre is both a locally and globally sustainable green energy solution for Hive Energy as they continue their vision to develop world-class assets that generate benefits for the environment, investors, landowners and local economies.

Hive Energy’s South Africa manager Colin Loubser said:

“This project is an excellent opportunity for Hive Energy to show how a just green transition can take place, because not only will we create thousands of jobs for local residents in an area of massive unemployment, but also it will also vastly benefit local ecosystems.

Beyond the local benefits, this project will help deliver clean energy to create transformational change to help deliver a cleaner future for all. This is a true win for the local circular economy and for Hive’s international green mission”.

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