Tres Manantiales

Municipio Francisco I Madero, State of Coahuila, Mexico

Tres Manatiales (3M) is being developed by Hive Energy and local co-developer Empire Technologies. The project covers an area of 300 hectares and powers the equivalent of over 27,000 local homes. The project is in development and projected to be RTB towards the end of 2021, dependent on a number of key permit processes.

The project will bring work and industrial activity to one of the most remote areas of the Francisco I Madero municipality. Through the development of 3M, Hive Energy will provide work to local agricultural communities, known as Ejidos, that are currently not operational and require employment options.




Homes Powered


CO₂ Saved

In addition to local economic benefits, Hive Energy carried out a special survey on behalf of Mexico´s Environmental Ministry (SEMARNAT). This survey provided insights into the migrating and feeding habits of certain important species in the desert ecosystem, including the red lynx of the Sonora desert, local bird species, local bat species, and mid-sized mammals such as the coyote and the desert buck.

Hive Energy is implementing the most energy and cost-effective technology for this project, utilising single axis tracking technology to ensure efficient energy generation.