Cleve Hill

Kent, United Kingdom

Cleve Hill Solar Park is a solar and energy storage park situated on the north Kent coast which, when built, could provide enough affordable and clean electricity to power over 91,000 homes.

The project is classified as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) and was the first of its kind to be granted development consent by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in May 2020, making it the largest consented solar scheme in the UK.

The project will comprise of an array of solar photo-voltaic modules, energy storage and associated development infrastructure. Cleve Hill Solar Park is located one-mile northeast of Faversham, 3 miles west of Whitstable and situated closest to the village of Graveney.




Homes Powered


CO₂ Saved

Designing a scheme that delivers benefits both for our climate and natural environment was key to Hive Energy’s approach, who collaborated with key stakeholders and local communities throughout the development process. Through the development of Cleve Hill Solar Park, over £1 million of income will be generated per year for local authorities to invest in improving local services.

To ensure environmental performance was prioritised within Cleve Hill Solar Park, a Biodiversity and Landscape Management Plan was produced in collaboration with stakeholders. Through this plan, Cleve Hill Solar Park will deliver a 65% net gain in biodiversity. The plan includes:

  • One of the largest areas of meadow creation in south-east England.
  • 138 acres of managed habitat specifically for overwintering birds.
  • Close to 4km of native hedgerow planting.
  • The enhancement and addition of new habitat for wildlife.

Hive Energy partnered with Wirsol Energy develop Cleve Hill Solar Park. To find out more about Cleve Hill Solar Park, please visit its website here.