How can we move away from fossil fuels?

How can we move away from fossil fuels?

For years, we’ve been reliant on fossil fuels, but that’s changing. These days, we’re more and more aware of the need to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources. It’s going to take time, and lots of effort, but it’s possible! 

What is renewable energy and why do we need a green transition?

Renewable energy sources include wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. New to the world of renewables are green hydrogen and green ammonia – far less recognised at the moment, but this technology has the potential to quickly support the green transition on a massive scale. 

These types of energy can be used to generate electricity without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. For example: If you want to heat your house during wintertime but don’t want to use gas or oil (because it creates harmful greenhouse gases) then you could install solar panels on your roof which would generate electricity from sunlight, heating up the water that heats your home producing minimal carbon emissions. 

What can we do to support the transition away from fossil fuels?

There are many ways we can support the transition away from carbon intensive power sources, including updating building infrastructure and adoption clean energy.

In order to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, we can make our buildings more energy efficient. This can be done by insulating the walls, windows and roof of your home or business. It also means installing heating systems that use less energy than traditional ones. Newer technology is becoming increasingly better for the environment so a small investment can pay off substantially with emission savings. 

Heating and cooling are both similar in this case. To reduce the amount of electricity needed for cooling in summer months you should use fans instead of air conditioning units when possible as they are less power consuming. 

We should also ensure that all people have access to public transportation so they don’t need cars or trucks for transportation purposes anymore – this would reduce emissions further still. Green cities are becoming more common, with establishments all in walking or cycling distance to cut down on the need for fuel-powered vehicles. If you do need a car to get around, there are fantastic options for electric cars and bikes now, which save on emissions and fuel costs. 

Finally, on a larger scale, we need to support the adoption of clean energy. Where you can, opt for green energy tariffs – electric companies will either entirely source your power from renewable sources or will offset emissions with carbon credits. Homes are now often built with solar panels, and there are many options that allow you to install solar panels onto existing properties too. 

The future of our planet is at stake, and we need to do something about it now. There are many ways we can move away from fossil fuels, and it’s time we start taking action.