Welcome to two new members of our Spanish team

Welcome to two new members of our Spanish team

This month, we have welcomed two new members to our Spanish team!

The Hive Spain team is already our second largest division, following our HQ in the UK. The team comprises a variety of individuals in roles that work across the whole Hive group, including solar, battery, green hydrogen, and green ammonia. Both Sandra and Álvaro have joined our office in Alicante, where the multidisciplinary team is based.

Sandra Ortega – Energy and Battery Storage Specialist

Sandra joined the team this month as our Energy and Battery Storage Specialist. This is a new role for Hive as we begin to expand our renewable technologies into battery storage.

Sandra’s main role is to develop energy storage projects, especially stand-alone grid forming projects. Sandra will study and validate the technical, financial, and legal feasibility of potential storage projects.

Sandra considers herself an active climate change campaigner, which is why she decided to study a Renewables Masters Degree and start working for a better planet. Her impressive Telecommunications Engineer Masters Degree and double PMP certification will support her transition to Hive.

We are lucky to have Sandra on board and her extensive history in renewables will bring vast knowledge to the team. She has experience searching for the optimum project locations and understands all other aspects that affect project feasibility and profitability.

Álvaro Artola – Green Hydrogen Business Developer

Álvaro joined the team shortly after Sandra as a Green Hydrogen Business Developer. Álvaro now brings the Spanish green hydrogen business development team to four people.

He will be primarily working with the H2 team based in Spain, including two Hydrogen Business Development Managers and a Design Engineer. Álvaro will also be working on the technical models with David Robinson, who is based in the UK but focuses on mechanical engineering.

The focus of Álvaro’s role is the techno-economical modelling and analysis of green hydrogen plants, which is a key focus for Hive in coming years. We already have a substantial green hydrogen pipeline in the country, equating to over 8 GW capacity.

Álvaro brings a unique academic background to Hive. He obtained a Masters of Science in Energy Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, focusing on power production from any energy source. His field of expertise is the analysis and optimization of different energy systems, including those related with green H2 production.

We are thrilled to be growing the team and look forward to seeing their projects thrive.


Sandra Ortega 

Energy and Battery Storage Specialist