Spanish Solar Farms

Hive Energy is currently working on a pipeline of 1.4GW of solar developments in Spain; among which the firm currently owns 896MW of grid capacity secured with Red Eléctrica de España spread across 14 solar projects.

The Spanish solar market holds great opportunities for growth and is without a dependency on subsidies. Spain has the highest irradiation in Europe at 2,150kWh/kWp (compared to UK with 950kWh/kWp or Germany with 1,070kWh/kWp), however the potential of Spain’s solar market is yet to be fully realised. In total the PV installed capacity in Spain is 4.5GW vs. 12GW in UK or 40GW in Germany (both of which are lower irradiation countries). This growth potential together with the lowering costs of materials and overheads, means that Spain is likely to achieve grid parity relatively quickly.

Current development projects

To date land leases have been secured on 28 sites.

These sites total 1,404MW, roughly 5% of the National Grid available for solar in Spain.