Commercial rooftop solar

We are always interested in talking to businesses, landlords, facilities managers and property developers who would like to benefit from the power of solar energy, without the need to invest.

Solar energy on your roof space offers the potential to reduce costly energy bills by as much as 40%, whilst actively demonstrating your environmental and social commitment.

Hive Energy’s rooftop solar development at Plymouth Airport

How it works

Our commercial rooftop projects work in a very similar way to the popular domestic ‘rent-a-roof’ schemes. We meet all the costs of planning, installing and operating the solar panels for their entire lifetime. You benefit from cheaper electricity at an agreed rate whilst Hive Energy collects the government’s Feed in Tariff.

To benefit from solar at your business, you’ll ideally need a large open and flat or angled roof space that is not shaded by other buildings or trees.

You won’t need planning permission for most projects, as the Government has relaxed the regulations for commercial properties to encourage more businesses to adopt rooftop solar.

We’ll make sure that your new solar energy source is installed quickly and easily, so it won’t disrupt your ongoing operations. Once installed, our solar panels need little or no maintenance throughout their 25-year lifespan – and if there are any issues, we’re always on hand to help.

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