Working with you

What you can expect from us

We’re dedicated to ensuring that not only do our parks generate clean and renewable energy to power thousands of homes, but that our sites are compatible with local people and environment.

Should we take a project forward, we will work closely with you throughout the entire process, from initial environment and ecological studies to park installation and operation.

  • We consult local people and stakeholders to gauge their feedback and listen to their views on the project
  • We commission independent assessments to investigate whether the land quality, location and environmental factors meet strict planning requirements
  • We submit a thorough planning application to the local authority
  • We manage the installation of solar panels and their connection to the local grid

Piers Ockenden, from Southampton owns land that was deemed unsuitable for arable farming. After contacting Hive Energy, the development team visited the site and found it to be compatible with solar. In less than a year, Raglington solar farm was up, running and generating energy. Piers has seen his land transformed, his business diversified and is now making the most out of his acreage.

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