Folly Farm

A solar park at Folly Farm would have the ability to produce 15 MW of clean energy, enough for more than 4,500 homes. It will also save 6,450 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. We have worked hard to design the solar park so it would be really well hidden behind hedgerows and trees.

Key Facts:

  • Location: Long Marston, Hertfordshire
  • Size: 61 acres
  • Output: 15 MW
  • Homes powered: 4,500
  • CO2 emissions prevented: 6,450 tonnes every year

Only around 30% will actually be occupied by solar panels. The rest will be free to be grazed by sheep, just as it is at the moment.

A solar park is essentially temporary and reversible, and once dismantled the site can be easily returned to its former use. During the typical 25-year life of the solar park, the land is rested from chemicals and fertilisers and over time will revert to organic status.

Folly Farm Location Map

Folly Farm Indicative Layout

Folly Farm Decision Notice



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