Lynt Farm

Our solar park at Lynt Farm in Wiltshire lies just south of the Upper Inglesham hamlet. The site is naturally well screened from view and we would look to complement existing trees and hedging with additional planting.

We’re working with the Wildlife Trust to expand a nearby fritillaries meadow into the boundaries of the solar park, creating a larger space for plants and wildlife to thrive.

Key Facts:
Location: Upper Inglesham, Wiltshire
Size: 135 acres
Output Peak: 27 MW
Homes powered: 8,100
CO2 emissions prevented: 11,610 tonnes annually

Below is an indicative layout of the proposed solar park at Lynt Farm in addition to a location map of the site and surrounding area.

Lynt Farm Indicative Layout

Lynt Farm Location Map

Lynt Farm Decision Notice



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