Landscaping the future: Leading architecture company J & J Carter switch to solar with the help of Hive Energy

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J & J Carter a global construction and architecture company committed to sustainable development are working with Hive Energy to implement a renewable energy strategy across their UK business footprint.

J & J Carter approached Hive Energy for a consultation to advise the company on new ways to reduce their environmental impact. The proposed strategy would need to support the existing sustainable development plan and help the company to minimise their carbon emissions.

Following the consultation, Hive Energy was enlisted to help J & J Carter implement an energy efficient plan utilising solar energy to improve their energy efficiency. The first step in the process saw Hive Energy design and project manage the installation of solar panels on the roofs of the J & J Carter warehouse in Andover.

The project, now complete, has seen solar panels fixed to the roofs of all of the warehouses. The structures are being used as a long-term renewable energy source to help the company reduce utility overheads and gain energy independence whilst minimising their CO2 emissions and saving energy.

In daily digitalised reports, the company can monitor the efficiency of their solar panels and realise the significant ROI generated by the switch to solar. Since the installation of the panels has been complete, J & J Carter are saving the equivalent of 6 trees in energy.

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Globally, J & J Carter evaluate locations regularly for conservation opportunities while integrating innovative materials into construction and architectural designs and working to source services and materials from environmentally responsible and sustainable resources.