Hive beats ROC cut-off on 123MW


Hive Energy completed six UK solar farms totalling 123MW ahead of the 31 March deadline for Renewable Obligation Certificates.
The facilities are the 14.5MW Poulshot, 27MW Lynt and 13.5MW Roundponds in Wiltshire, the 13.1MW Folly in Hertfordshire, the 6.4MW Goldenhill in Pembrokeshire and the 49MW Southwick in Hampshire.
The land was previously used for arable farming or grazing and in most cases the latter continues around the solar installations, the developer said.
Hive Energy commercial director Tim Purbrick said: “Like many fledgling industries before us, we look to government to provide some stability and support as we establish ourselves.
“Renewable energy sources such as solar are relatively expensive upfront to install but then of course the fuel source is free.”
Hive has also installed a 342-panel rooftop PV array for Dorset-based Clipper Teas at its Beaminster facility.
Image: the projects were completed ahead of the DECC cut-off (MorgueFile)