Green farm gets even greener as solar park is approved


Hive Energy are pleased to announce the approval for a 18.4 acre solar farm at Green Farm, in Oakley Road, Wix. Tendring Council approved the bid at a meeting last night.

The solar farm will be situated between Bradfield and Wix and will produce 5MW of electricity, which is enough to power 1,103 homes.

Hive Energy initially submitted plans for a 30 acre site but following close consultation with local people, planning officers and Wix Parish Council revised and reduced the proposal to its current form.

Despite the scaling down of the project, Hive Energy have pledged to honour their original community fund donation of £28,000 to benefit local causes and will ensure the site supports the natural fauna and flora of the area.

Tim Purbrick, Commercial Director explains;
‘The beauty of solar is that the development will be completely reversible and after 25 years the land will be returned to agricultural use. The solar panels are protected by deer fencing and pile driven into the ground which means there is no need for concrete foundations. After the installation is complete new trees, grasses, wildflowers and hedgerows will be planted to improve the site’s biodiversity’.

Following no objections from statutory consultees, a Tendring Council Officer concluded, ‘There is no adverse impact on heritage assets, ecology, residential amenity, highway safety or flood risk. There is also the opportunity to improve biodiversity.’

The solar farm will mark a new era for local landowner, Tim Munson who has lived and farmed in Wix all of his life. The development will represent important diversification for his business and will allow him to continue agricultural production across the rest of his 100 acre farm.


Notes to Editors

For more information or interviews, please contact Tim Purbrick on 07773 846959
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Hive Energy is an entrepreneurial British company that specialises in solar energy. Founded in 2010 by Giles Redpath, Hive Energy started life installing rooftop solar on barns and farm buildings. From here, it then began creating solar parks on brownfield sites and low grade farmland, and has established a strong track-record of creating clean and renewable energy for both urban and rural users.

Hive Energy is now one of the UK’s leading developers of solar energy on commercial rooftops and solar parks. It is also a member of the Solar Trade Association.

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