Buenos Aires welcomes Hive Energy to Argentina as the country consigns rolling blackouts to history and welcomes a new dawn of solar power


Hive Energy are setting the conditions for renewable success in Argentina following the ushering in of a new President and a forward-leaning business-friendly environment.

Rolling blackouts and imported energy from Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile are set to become a costly inconvenience of the past as Argentina looks to companies such as Hive Energy to overhaul its energy portfolio. For 15 years the country suffered a 10% energy supply shortfall and as recently as this summer had only installed 8 MW of solar which was producing just 0.02% of the country’s total energy generation. In a country with one of the highest irradiation levels in the world the growing energy needs of the country were falling by the wayside with the vast untapped potential of the country’s renewable energy sources remaining undeveloped.

Horacio Lopez Manzitti, an energy market specialist has been appointed country manager of the new Buenos Aires based headquarters and is tasked with establishing Hive Energy as one of the key solar park developers in the country to take advantage of the new market and emerging business opportunities.

Horacio Lopez Manzitti, Country Manager Argentina;

“Our team is incredibly excited to share our wealth of experience and expertise to help develop the solar capacity and energy capability of Argentina. Already we have a supply network and a team of partners in place who will help us deliver outstanding and top performing solar projects. With a solar farm project already secured in the country and a development with a 250 MW potential underway we have launched in Argentina as we mean to go on”.

Nearly one year on from the inauguration of President Mauricio Macri the country’s renewable energy future has been re-written. As a country, Argentina has the potential to install almost 1.5 GW of solar by 2020 a reality which President Macri is driving forward. Already, Argentina’s previously stagnant economy has seen a significant rejuvenation in the first three quarters of 2016 at both a national and state level to incentivise and grow the renewable energy market. President Macri’s commitment is shown by the establishment of renewable energy targets for the end of 2017 and 2025, at 8 percent and 20 percent of total energy generation respectively. In correlation to economic growth and demand projections we can expect these targets to correspond to 3 GW of renewables by the close of 2017 and 12 GW by 2025.

Giles Redpath, CEO Hive Energy;

“Hive has a proven track record of supporting fledgling countries develop their renewable energy portfolio. We have the right team in the right place at the right time to help support a period of growth which will see Argentina overhaul its energy provision. We’re excited to be in Buenos Aires to support this new dawn for solar in the country”.