Hive Energy Opens Offices in Spain to Harness the Power of the Sun

© Jon Helgason Hive Energy, today formerly announce the opening of their regional headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The offices have been established to help further develop Spain’s fledgling solar market and to seek out new solar opportunities in the medium to long-term future. Hive Energy are already looking at a […]

Hive Energy Joins Spain’s Leading Photovoltaic Association

Hive Energy is now a proud member of Spain’s Union Espanola Fotovoltaica (UNEF). The independent association for Spain’s photovoltaic sector has welcomed Hive Energy to join their existing members in the installation and engineering sector. Hive Energy are currently establishing a regional headquarters in Spain with Luis Martinez Hermida appointed […]

Hive Energy Opens Regional Headquarters in Turkey

Hive Energy announces the opening of a new regional headquarters in Ankara, Turkey. The expansion marks the company’s next step in its growth strategy to build an international presence in the global solar PV market with sights set on building a portfolio of 50MW of solar PV projects in the […]

Hive Energy opens regional headquarters in the Middle East

Copyright Ashraf Jandali | UK solar developer Hive Energy, today 28th September 2015 announce the official opening of a new Middle East Regional Headquarters in Dubai. The expansion marks the company’s break into the international solar energy market as part of its growth and diversification strategy beyond the UK […]