Africa & the Middle East

Hive Energy in Africa and the Middle East


This is a continent that can fit all of China, USA, India, Japan, Eastern and Western Europe in it yet it has enormous challenges in delivering electricity to its people.

In Hive Energy’s main area of focus nearly two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africa’s population, over 620 million people, lack access to power and this means they cannot be productive or competitive and in many instances, are slipping further into poverty. The power deficit in every country we are working in further compounds this crisis and economic imbalance.

Hive is striving to change this by working on the ground with key stakeholders, whether they be governments, tribes, utilities, industries, farmers, mines or otherwise by using innovative and often unique funding structures together with the latest solar solutions to drive the rapid deployment of large scale, cost effective solar energy.

Middle East

As this diverse region expands its economic ambitions beyond oil and gas there are significant opportunities arising to develop the infrastructure needed to diversify the power supply to embrace renewable energy alternatives. Our view is that fulfilling these are crucially important for stability, growth and prosperity in the region.